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«Մասնակցի քննարկում:Interfase»–ի խմբագրումների տարբերություն

::You blocked due to 3 reason. If first is incorrect, second 2 is actual: You say '''I don't think that the historians here know more'''. Who have a write to decide who is more cleverer ? --[[Մասնակից:Arman musikyan|Արման Մուսիկյան]] ([[Մասնակցի քննարկում:Arman musikyan|քննարկում]]) 13:03, 1 Հունիսի 2015 (UTC)
::: It is not a reason for blocking for a week. If historians here think that khanate was part of Iran, when in Russian and English Wikipedia it is stated that Erivani was born not in Iran but in Erivan khanate, then I am right. Anyway you couldn't block me for my posision that historians here are not right on particular points. If you continue to think that your blocking is correct let's discuss your action in meta. --[[Մասնակից:Interfase|Interfase]] ([[Մասնակցի քննարկում:Interfase|քննարկում]]) 13:22, 1 Հունիսի 2015 (UTC)
::::Dear [[Մասնակից:Interfase|Interfase]], I only clarified you, why you are blocked. You even non understand your blocked reason. Please find wayt to translating all sentences, which written by [[Մասնակից:Lilitik22|Lilitik22]] and after what you can argue with incorrectness of you blocking. Also you [https://hy.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D5%84%D5%A1%D5%BD%D5%B6%D5%A1%D5%AF%D6%81%D5%AB_%D6%84%D5%B6%D5%B6%D5%A1%D6%80%D5%AF%D5%B8%D6%82%D5%B4:Interfase#.D4.B6.D5.A3.D5.B8.D6.82.D5.B7.D5.A1.D6.81.D5.B8.D6.82.D5.B4 threaten] our user Lilit22. Who has a such write ? In Armenian Wikipedia such behavior is strongly not acceptable.Please be more polite. --[[Մասնակից:Arman musikyan|Արման Մուսիկյան]] ([[Մասնակցի քննարկում:Arman musikyan|քննարկում]]) 13:37, 1 Հունիսի 2015 (UTC)
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